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UCSD - Ocean View Terrace - AIA San Diego Award Winner

Renovation of a student lounge and dining hall well known for having the best ocean view on campus. The expansion replaced a 26 year old existing servery style restaurant. The existing exterior envelope was extended to capture more interior space. The view to the ocean was carefully considered from all angles.

PROGRAM: Provide the first Kosher / Halal restaurant for the University of California system and bring the community together in new ways. The kitchens are a collaborative effort spearheaded by the Muslim Student Association, the Union of Jewish Students and the eponymous college. The dining area has three stations with servers rotating a kosher halal menu of Asian, Indonesian, Middle Eastern, North African, Cajun and other cuisines as well as a coffee / gelato bar.

Type: Institutional, Restaurant

LEED Gold Pending


Programming and Renovation: 12,750 SF
Architecture, Graphics & Interiors: Stenfors Architects
Structural Engineers: Englekirk Partners
MP Engineering: Randall Lamb Associates

Electrical Engineering: Ecco
Food Service Consultants: Orness Design &

LEED Consultant: Stenfors 
Lighting: Lighting Design Alliance

Status: Built

UCSD Kosher Halal Kitchen with Thurgood Marshall Mural

CULTURE: The first Kosher / Halal restaurant for the University system. Not simply a home for tribe members to share food, or a tribute to the college’s namesake, but also  a place where one could get a subtle lesson in cultural cooperation.

Thurgood Marshall, attorney for the NAACP, arrives at National Airport in Washington, August 22, 1958, to file appeal with the Supreme Court in the integration case of Central High School of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Light Section and Shadow Reflected Ceiling Plan

Autherine Lucy, a 26-year-old student at the University of Alabama, arrives at U.S. District Court for the hearing of her petition for an order requiring the school to re-admit her to classes in Birmingham, Alabama on February 29, 1956. With Lucy are her legal team, Thurgood Marshall, tall man at center, and Arthur Shores, carrying coat at right.

Open 24/7, the terrace provides a place of comfort, food, and protection for students around the clock.

Shadow Floor Plan

Thurgood Marshall with George E.C. Hayes (left) and James M. Nabrit (right) on the steps outside the Supreme Court building on May 17, 1954. The three lawyers had just led the fight for abolition of segregation in public schools before the Supreme Court, which ruled that segregation was unconstitutional.

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