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First Star | Student Housing

SAA developed this community village prototype for First Star to provide a sense of home for ‘children who neither have a family, nor a village’ and to encourage individual and group opportunities for social interactions and learning within the greater university and local community. A wall of translucent panels function as an adjustable privacy screen between the open space and residential units. By lifting the communal spaces high in the air, the community extends visually onto the site as a series of landscaped spaces. The concept has a permeable boundary at the property edge and extends onto the university campus and to the surrounding community.

Type: Residential

Foster Housing Prototype
Concept for First Star
24 Units

Architect: SAA

Status: Idea

Interaction between the tenants, and the panels create a dynamic facade.

Floor plan schemes.

Facade open and closed.

Elevating the community space enables a panoramic view to the environment as well as providing security and privacy from the busy ground floor.

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