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Tethered by columns, the house hovers in detachment above a verdant landscape. The impluvium cuts through the center of the house to reconnect the interior to nature; the water from the site and roof collects to a cistern below the impluvium. The roof and south face are clad in photovoltaic panels.

Beneath the PV’s, the roof drains toward the impluvium. Cut into the plinth are the impluvium, a garage, a swimming pool and a garden promenade.The walls are views. The east and west windows minimally open to cross ventilate.The Vierendeel steel structure provides for interior planning with few structural dependencies. The plan is mutable.

Site plan, open floor plan gives the building panoramic views to exterior settings.

Interior rendering with an open atrium, blurring the boundary between outside and inside.

Diagram of building ideation.

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