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Revelle Plaza Cafe | UCSD

The goal of the project is to renovate the existing 1966 Dining Commons to accommodate a modern restaurant-concept dining venue combined with a market/café that will serve the needs of the Revelle College neighborhood and residential students. The intent of this project is to provide the customer with a leading contemporary edge food and beverage experience where they have the option to choose either a seated dining experience where meals are prepared at their request or a retail “grab and go” option where they can make quick purchases of prepared quality products. The design of the Revelle Café requires a sensibility that is able to bridge the gap between long-term thinking and the more ephemeral energy of social interaction with great food.

Type: Restaurant, Institutional

Programming, Design Documents

Architecture & Interiors: SAA

Status: Idea

It is envisioned that indoor seating will be provided for approximately 175-200 persons and exterior seating will be provided for approximately 125-150 persons which maximizes social interaction in comfortable surrounds whether indoor or outdoor.

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