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R+D Kitchen | Santa Monica

R+D Kitchen is a prototype café restaurant. The project was an AIA Restaurant Award Finalist in 2008. The project complies with Santa Monica’s green building design requirements, which incorporate USGBC’s LEED® 2.2 criteria for sustainable design. Great care was taken to specify sustainable materials, energy efficient systems, and locally fabricated products. The project consisted of the seismic renovation of an existing shell into a lively dining room and bar. The layout emphasizes a connection between the indoor and outdoor environments with a façade that opens fully to the street to create an alfresco dining experience.

Type: Restaurant

Seismic Renovation & Site Development

Santa Monica
3,300 SF
Architect: SAA
Client: Hillstone Restaurant Group
Structural: Gordon Polon
Contractor: Minardos Group

Status: Built

Awards: AIA Restaurant Award Finalist, 2008

By the clever use of garage doors, the glass facade opens fully to the street to create an open air dining experience. With an emphasis on simplicity, the clean lined forms and authenthic materials aim to have an approachable warmth.

The open ceiling design helps bring in natural light. Exposed wooden structure becomes part of the overall design.

Construction photos. Framing interventions, existing skylights and truss.

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