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Lincoln Blvd Mixed Use

A mixed-use building situated on Lincoln Boulevard, the project includes residential, commercial, and retail spaces. Through the use of concrete, steel and wood as materials, 1427 Lincoln establishes its presence as a modern and dynamic space. The project is able to maximize on commercial possibilities on the first floor, by providing underground parking and living spaces on the upper floors. Pushing and pulling the building mass, pockets of spaces opens up to areas where the steel structure becomes a frame to exterior and surrounding views.

Type: Residential, Retail

Programming, Design Documents, Construction Documents

16,875 SF
Los Angeles, California
Architecture & Interiors: SAA

Status: Idea

Initial hand sketch ideation.

Building section showing the open courtyard design with first floor retail possibilities.

Scheme 1 facade iteration.

Steel beam frames, and  push and pull of screens to create dynamic facade.

Scheme 2 facade iteration.

Designed with more mass and solidity to offer a different perspective from before.

Scheme 3 facade iteration.

A facade design that clads the building with screens, but opens at desired views.

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