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Peru Loft Boutique

Designed with the utmost transparency to the exterior, the thermal, acoustic and visual impacts will be modulated by the use of a heavy translucent curtain at the perimeter. Beyond the social aspects, this building explores the use of operable and renewable technology systems to actively and passively energize and ventilate. In active mode, the walls are controlled by weather sensors and heliostats to track the sun. On the operable north façade, the lower glazed panel is laminated with photovoltaic panels. These panels track the solar angle to maximize solar gain (the residents can override the operation as needed). The roof is fully integrated with photovoltaic modules that also allow for the modulated passage of light into the impluvium. Wind energy is collected on the east façade by vertical turbines. Because rain rarely falls, precious water will be harvested to the cistern (at the fourth subterranean level) from fog catcher screens and from the condensation captured from the roof and wall glazed panels. This water will be used to irrigate the landscape features and replenish the pool. The Loft Boutique 2010 will enhance, enliven and set a new sustainable high bar for the coolest zone of San Isidro. With a pool facing the golf course with a transparent infinity edge on three sides, es tiempo de fiesta.

The prototypical needs of a single person are difficult to qualify. One can assume that in some ways the loft boutique is a large family home where the residents nurture each other and still maintain a distance. The impluvium, the café, the south garden and the pool are the vehicles where the cool inhabitants can rev their social engines. The south elevator passage and the internal units provide the vital privacy for those less social moments.

The entire façade opens up on the north and south to assertively exhibit the views and to passively ventilate the units via the prevailing SE winds. In lieu of balconies, the north and south rooms effectively become large ‘outdoor rooms’ when the façade opens.

The lofts are designed in an open plan flexible arrangement where the resident can tailor the unit for the level of privacy they require and for the functions best suited to their lifestyle. On the north, the master bedroom and living room face the beautiful views to the golf course. Sliding panels between these rooms maximize the effect and frontage of this stellar view.

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